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Being the difference maker.

The other day I went through my Dashboard & Google Reader with hopes of cleaning out some of the blogs that just fail to blog or deliver a positive vibe. It was a much more time consuming task than I thought that it was going to be. It was kind of disappointing as well.

I think that most of us here that blog within the genre of weight loss/fitness have a couple things in common.

1. We blog to keep ourselves accountable to what we do, eat, don't do, and don't eat.

2. We blog to help others stay accountable to what they are doing in like manner.

and thirdly [yes I know that a couple typically means two]...

3. We can't believe how much interest others have in our boring lives :)

Outside of that third point -- we do most of this for some area of accountability to take place. As I started cleaning out my blog subscriptions, I was amazed at how many people had quit. I think I stopped following 100+ blogs...[most of which had quit and made their already short journey shorter...]

I couldn't believe it.

I was pretty floored actually.

It showed me how blessed I was in the result that I got from this blog. That may sound strange, but this blog has been a huge contributor in keeping me on the straight path. It's challenged me b/c there were times that I didn't want to be honest that I was.

I think I was able to keep a solid, positive vibe b/c of that accountability.

There are going to be a ton of blogs in this fitness area popping up in the next couple of months all searching for that accountability that most of us have.

I am challenging my readers to take one fresh newbie under their wing and help them become successful. I think some of us were able to continue on our own and some of us had to be pushed along by the couple readers that we had.

I'm going to go out and say that I think you can change someone's life by being their positive influence having never met them. Take the challenge and be the difference.

Continue with your journey, but continue on in their journey.


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Great post, Seth. I always saddens me a little when folks drop off the radar. It's not that I think folks can't do it on their own... I just believe that the odds are against them.

Fat Grump said...

Yes, you are right.
Many who write weight-loss blogs do give up. I haven't been doing it long, but many of my regular reads have vanished. I was in danger of doing the same a few weeks ago. However, like you say, one aspect of blogging is that it's good for ME even if no one else is reading.

Perhaps this is a good time to mention the Bethany McDonald Memorial Blogroll, where readers can see weight-loss blogs listed. I tend to look at new ones every now and then and offer support.

This was set up by Lyn, of Escape From Obesity, a blog which has been inspiration for me on my weight loss journey.

Hope the links work!

Tonyne @ Unlikely Success Story said...

Great post Seth! I also believe that we can make a difference. :)

Peace said...

Funny you should mention blogs you are subscribed to, because I blogged the other day about my 6 subscribers and then noticed yesterday that one of them had dropped me. I'm at 5 now. lol I notice some folks have tons of subscribers, and then some chug along like me. Yes, I have boring days, and days even months when I may not blog at all. I'm not interesting every blog, and many days my blogging is for me to vent. Reading and subscribing to others blogs often provide me with food I've been looking for, food for thought. :)

MargieAnne said...

It is sad when people start off well and don't finish.

I'm still plodding along and I know that when I'm not writing I'm not working toward a healthier life.

Currently my main Blog is not all about weight loss and fitness although they still feature because it's a huge part of my life. I didn't want to overload my Blog with boring weight stuff because I have a number of Recreational Vehicle people who follow as well. Instead I've set up a Tracker Blog, linked to my main one and make most of my daily comments there.

I love the support on the internet. Family support seems to raise my hackles whereas I find it easier to take or leave comments on my posts.

There's something about reading other Blogs too that keeps me inspired. When I hit a bad patch I just keep reading and eventually my enthusiasm begins to rise again.

Everyone is precious. I value your writing and am so glad you are finding ways to help others.

Keep up the good work.


CJ said...

I know what you are saying. I initially strived on the comments readers left me. When I wrote a 'i am so down' post or when I posted some achievement. It made me feel Like I was on a right path. I now usually start following new blogs and keep commenting there. I know its so important in initial days when you have just started out!

Kerri O said...

It seems to be a pattern that when people fall of the wagon, they quit blogging too. I wish they'd keep blogging and lean on this community a little instead! Others I've seen get discouraged because they think no one is listening, they're not getting comments, etc. It always makes me sad when blogger friends disappear...I had one recently just up and delete her entire blog :( But I bet at the first of the year, there'll be a whole new set to, I've only been doing it a year and I feel like an old timer. Sorry I'm writing a book, haven't been over to your blog in a bit.