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Published credit? Countdown. Hit me up!

I've cleaned my 'gym' up this past week and it's looking pretty smooth.

I'll put a picture of it up a little later. I enjoy having it at home, but it needs a lot more to become a gym.

The countdown is on and I'm moving strong! I'm stilling fighting the itchy poison ivy, but it hasn't stopped my production on the eating and fitness front!

Also, I've been working with my other blog a little bit more. Are you interested in changing lives? Hit me up and see if we can put a weight loss challenge together in your area. It's a little bit of work, but it pays off. How so?

Well, it comes back to bless you later on.

I was told about an article that was done on a past challenger of mine that was being showcased in a Missouri-wide newspaper because of her efforts in changing her health! It's not much, but she gave me some 'influence' and 'motivator' credit within the article.

It's an awesome feeling to be a part of such a life change!

Read it for yourself!

I hope you are moving in a positive direction as well!

What is your biggest goal for DECEMBER?!

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@Ly$$@ said...

To gain lots of weight so I can join your weight lose challenge in January!