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A short Cold Run! House gym. Stats.

I always enjoyed the movie, 'Cool Runnings' - today, along those same lines and a play on their name [minus the Jamaican Bobsled team], I enjoyed a cool running.

I have 28 days left for me to be celebrating my 1 year anniversary. January 5th, 2010 is when I first really started trying to get fit and I'm getting there. I have a ultimate goal weight of 170, but I'm shooting for 175 by Janurary 5th, 2011. That'll make my total weight loss at 80 lbs (61 lbs in 1 year).
I'm excited for it and will continue to work for it!

I mentioned that I have been transforming one room in my house into a little gym. Below are some pics of my progress so far!


Another thing that is happening is the start of the newest challenge of Seth Tyler's weight loss challenge! It will be challenge #6! Of all the challenges [mine and others branching off - we have lost over 800 lbs! check those stats out here]

For you cold weather people - What do you do for workouts when it's freezing outside??!


Tricia said...

wow, didn't realize your healthy living date was Jan. 5th, mine was too..just the year before, January 5th 2009.

:) you've accomplished amazing things, looking forward to seeing how you're going to celebrate your 1 year of healthy living

Anonymous said...

Well I've been using the treadmill at work and p90x at home.

Running inside sucks.


Molly said...

I go to the local Rec Center on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays to run. On Tuesday and Thursday I do a Jillian Michael's workout. Love it all!