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January 21st & Calorie/Carbs/Protein Breakdown

I'm listing the calories, Carbs, and Protein along with what I ate today so that I can get a clearer picture of what the day is looking like when it comes to what I'm putting into my body. The Carbs (carbohydrates) and the Protein are measured in grams. For my 1900-2000 calories a day...approx. 220 g of daily intake is to be carbs and around 120 g is to be protein. I'm conflicted on these numbers because I have read that I need a considerable amount more carbs in the daily take. I will stick with what I have written down and if I need more...I'll eat more. The way that it is now....I feel like I'm eating all day long.

Here is the Calorie Counter that I have been using to break this down. It is always best though to go by what is on the packaging of your food. As for meats and things prepared fresh - this is a good guideline to go by.

Food Intake:

1. 1 3/4 cup of Raisin Bran (372.73 calories; 79 carbs; 9.2 protein) w/ skim milk (41 cal; 6 carbs; 4 protein)
2. 1 cup of Coffee (0 cal; 0 carbs; .2 protein)
3. 1 Banana (105 cal; 26.95 carbs; 1.28 protein)
4. Deli Chicken Sandwich - oven roasted (49.97 cal; 1.367 carbs; 10.57 protein) on wheat (133 cal; 23.75 carbs; 5.45 protein) w/cheese (37.8 cal; .735 carbs; 5.16 protein) and mayo
5. 12 oz Diet Pepsi (0 cal; 0 carbs; 0 protein)
6. 23 pretzels
7. 3 peanut butter cookies
8. 4 oz steak
9. 3/4 baked potato
10. 1 cup steamed brocoli
11. 1 cup plain yogurt blended with Banana, sweetened with agave nectar
12. 60+ oz of water


- Treadmill: 3.01 miles.

Miles til Goal: 982.76