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February 9th & a little of my story

So I'm sitting here watching the Biggest Loser and for some reason I remembered the time that I actually thought about filling out the application to join the show. I even printed it off. I probably would not have met the size requirement but the fact that I had the thought made me think of how far I have come from then. It was a mindset that I had. It's been 40 days into the new year and it's been great so far. As long as I can remember - when it came to trying to be healthier, I constantly failed. I would start a "diet" and then leave it when something better came along (usually fast food). There is something different about this. It's not a "diet" but a change of lifestyle. It's a change in mind set. My mind is clear and I think about what is good and bad now. I weigh the decisions more and try to make the better decision. This is not a shallow attempt to have the appearance of perfection because I do eat things that aren't the best choice. I still allow myself a sweet snack every day but it is with purpose. I know that I would binge if I did not. This allows me the opportunity to have the sweet but control the amount of sweets. This is just my routine that seems to be working thus far. This may not be for everyone however. It's good to have the many other bloggers out there that share a similar story. I thought that I would give a few of those bloggers that I constantly read some love and post them below.

These are just a couple of people that I read daily or as soon as they get a post up. They keep me inspired. I also have included a photo of me with the final look at the Super Bowl Snack stuff that I won from a drawing that Johnisfit held.

Look at that beard. I started growing just before I started this journey to better health. I do have to say that it is getting pretty fierce.

Food Intake:

1. 1 3/4 cup of Raisin Bran Cereal
2. banana
3. oven roasted chicken breast sandwich
4. 10 pretzels
5. 2 cookies
6. 12 oz sprite
7. oven roasted chicken on a bed of salad with ALL of the available vegetables
8. 60+ oz of water
9. Peach smoothies - yogurt, banana, agave nectar, milk, peaches

Workout: treadmill --- 4.2 miles

Miles til Year Goal: 928.32

February 8th, 2010 & a Large Size Shirt

I'm blogging for yesterday Feb. 8th, today. Last night (8th) we were at Walmart and they were having a clearance on most of their winter clothes for some reason -- (It was 11 degrees last night) so I figured I would look around. I am a pretty stingy guy when it comes to spending money unless it's something that must last. I found a long sleeved shirt that I liked but it was a size Large. I typically get an XL because Larges are just too tight for me to wear. Not this night. I knew I had lost some weight and thought that I would try it on. It's a good thing I did because it fit and it fit well. I don't feel that my stomach is protruding out of the shirt and it is pretty slimming. I don't think my wife had realized that I had lost the weight. She had heard the number but I don't think it registered until this morning when she had said, "You could really tell that you have lost weight". Score! That is enough motivation to keep anyone going.

I didn't get a workout yesterday because my body was so sore. I can't figure out as to why it was. The only thing I could think of is that on Saturday I shoveled loads of heavy wet snow. Either way - I've got to keep pushing!

Food Intake:

1. 1 3/4 cup of Raisin Bran Cereal
2. 1 Banana
3. Oven roasted chicken breast sandwich
4. 12 oz Sprite
5. snack bag of my healthy super bowl snack
6. 2 leftover tacos from super bowl party
7. small portion of some sort of salad -- (it had romain(?) noodles plain, cabbage, almond slivers, nuts, and some sort of oil dressing---i think)
8. 60 + oz of water

Workout: none

Miles til Goal: 932.52