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Feb 10th - Two a day!

I was looking at my mile tracker and realized that I am still about the same distance off pace as last month from where I should be for the year. Those missed days held me back some. Today, I am planning on getting a couple miles on the treadmill and then going to play basketball in hopes for a good workout there as well. I step on the scale every morning so that I have an idea of where my body is at. This could be a dangerous thing. As I've stated several times --- my journey to better health focuses not on what I can control and not what I can not control. Right now the focus is on the miles that I do and what I put into my body. Any form of weight loss will be the added bonus. I caught myself taking on the mindset of it being about the weight and when it is only about that -- people get discouraged quickly. If the emphasis is on the scale than I'll lose control --- if the emphasis is on what I can do each and every day in the form of what I eat and what activity I have done - that's when I have control.

Food Intake: will post on the 11th.

Workout: Basketball --- 3.96 miles total

Miles til Year Goal: 924.36