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Feb 16 - 19 & the 100 Mile GiVEaWAY

The GiVEaWay is over and the Winner will be announced later tonight.

Today I hit the 100 Mile Marker!!!! It was great to hit that mark and I am celebrating by doing a giveaway for you! It is an accomplishment. I have already done more excercise than I did ALL of last year. I did 5.66 miles tonight and I am one tired kid. If you look on the right side of my blog you will see the remaining miles left on the 1010 goal along with the current month's goals and successes. It is a permanent thing so it will be easier to watch.

Another change that has taken place on 1010in2010 is that there is a tracker near the top of the page counting down until my first 5k. I'm kind of pumped about it.

I will continue to make changes to this posting until the giveaway is over. My workouts will be posted below the rest of the post by date each day.

For the giveaway: Here are the options for the prize that you can choose! They are not large items -- the last one might be bigger though! Prizes will most likely come from WalMart.


1. Small 1 GB mp3 player.

2. Athletic Dri-fit style of Shorts.

3. Marshmellow style of Headphones. They go into your ear for a comfy fit.

4. $15.00 gift card from Walmart.

Each gift is around 15 - 20 bucks. If you win then you get to choose one from the list. There are multiple ways to enter into the giveaway.

Here's how to enter:

Please leave your Name and Email Address in a Comment and list the entries that you've done.

1. Tweet this post with link. (I will need your Twitter name) - mine is MistrTyler

2. Mention this giveaway with link in blog posting ---- BE SURE TO COMMENT LETTING ME KNOW YOUR NAME AND A LINK TO YOUR BLOG POSTING

3. Become a follower of this blog.

4. Comment on this Post telling me which post has been your favorite so far this year.

5. Refer a friend to this giveaway and have them tell me -- you will get another entry.

Each thing that you do will equal one entry. You can have a total of five entries into the giveaway easily. You can tweet about this posting and giveaway daily until Friday for an extra entry each day. That is a total of eight entries into the give away. That's insane!

This is an awesome way for you to receive something for free and me do all of the hard work! :) I don't mind shipping internationally as long as it does not cost more than $10.

Thanks and I hope you win!


02-16-2010 = 5.66
02-17-2010 = 4.45
02-18-2010 = 0.00 - very sore today for some reason...took my off day today
02-19-2010 =