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2/20 & a New Layout!!

I've decided to add a bit more to my blog and as you can see there is more to this blog now. I have added multiple pages - aligned on top - to give you all of the info. I have some before photos along with recipes, workout fun, fitness logs, and soon to be updated...My Story. It is still under construction but I'm digging the new things that have been added.

Another new thing that I will be doing is, instead of writing all of my food down, I will be giving you the number of calories that were taken in throughout the day. I still have to log my food so that I can get the correct amount but I will not be posting all that I ate. My meals don't have a lot of variety with them but if they do I will be sure to add that as well. Tomorrow I will get out of the 900's in terms of miles to go - NOT weight. It might be better for my brain to know that I will not have to see that number again this year.

Another idea that I had was to do a weekly recap. It would include things such as miles logged, miles per day, and I'm sure I'll think of something else. It would not include beginning and ending weight - I will only do that at the beginning or end of a month as that is not my main focus.

Be sure to check out all of the new pages and be sure to take part in them all. Remember that miles until goal achieved is now at the RIGHT side of the page attached to Monthly Miles Tracker.

My calories for today are a bit over what I was shooting for. My goal for each day is 2000 calories. I could go lower but I think that 2000 is enough to maintain awesome metabolism and low enough to see the body turn into one awesome cut of a man.

Calorie Intake: 2252 cal.

Workout: none