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Attempt a 5k Every Week

My workout just got finished and I'm drinking my post-workout smoothie. I am one tired person. The workout just seemed to drag on and on but let me tell you - it was working me out. I have decided to step up my workouts on the treadmill from here on out.

Yesterday, I only did 1.something on the treadmill and nothing the day before. My back has been hurting all week and I have been fighting it. That was partially the reason I did not get on the treadmill on Saturday. The February goal is 103.23 miles and it will not be hit. The average pace for the year based on 365 days for 1010 miles is 2.76-7 miles/day. That is no problem. The problem is that I took 12 days off in January and 7 so far this month. That leaves a lot of make up distance for me. I will hit the February 2.76 avg/day goal but will not hit the 103.23 miles (feb avg/day goal plus miles not done from Jan). I am hoping to make it up in March though. I am confident that I will hit the 1,010 mile goal. I'm going to be trying to finish before the year is up. I can do it.

My workout consisted of me first walking one mile. I have decided that I will make an attempt at running a 5k on the treadmill every week. Most likely on Monday or Tuesday. I want to be able to run the entire thing. Tonight after I walked the mile I began my first attempt at a 5k on the treadmill. I ran 1.5 miles at 4.5 m/h speed. Then I stopped running. That was as long as I could run but was happy with that run being that I don't run any kind of distances on purpose! I did end my session with 4.10 miles.

I do believe that the mindset and focus is definitely there and is becoming fixed or permanent. I like it.

Calories: 1865

Workout: 4.1 miles

**I am in the 800's for distance left**