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Me Vs. T : Battle of the treadmill

I am going to walk you through my workout on the treadmill tonight. Some people name their cars...well, I name other inanimate objects such as tv's, fans, and my treadmill.

It was a battle of discipline, speed, continuous motion, running, sweating, deep breaths, moans, groans, aches, pains, and exhaustion. The battle only raged on for 11 min and 22 sec but it was a battle that was in the making for ten years.

Me - Verse - T.

It was an epic adventure.

Okay, it might have not been quite like that but tonight I wanted to push my limits...again. This week is about finding where I am at athletically and I believe I am getting a more clear idea of what level that is. This week has not been easy and I still have three workouts left this month which I am shooting for four miles each day. March 1st can't come to soon.

I opened up the workout with a 1 mile walk. During that mile I found a podcast on my iPod that had some 'fitness' beats to run to. I found one that wasn't too terrible and had it ready for the next mile to start. This mile I was going to see how fast I could get it done and still be able to do the remaining two miles of my workout.

I went at a speed that I thought I could continue for the duration of the Mile and increased it a couple times throughout. I want to have a 10 min mile. That would be a good mile for me -- in my's good for anybody. I ended my mile at 00:11:22 (11 min. 22 sec.) I do have to say that I am not dissapointed by that number because I really didn't know what to expect.

I know that there is no real point in timing your mile unless it is a pace setter for you race but it is a personal thing for me. At this point -- this is my best and worst time for the mile.

Calories: 1960 cal.

This calorie count is not as accurate as I would like. We ate at a Mexican restaurant for a birthday and I had to do my best with adding the calories with what I had. I had a cheese quesadilla with mushrooms, tomatoes, little lettuce, and guacamole. Water as usual.

Workout: 4.07 miles