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How Much is Mental?

My wife and I were talking tonight about weight loss and working out in general. I know that I sound like a broken record saying, "You can control two things - what you put into your body and how much activity you do", but I do believe it to be true.

I use to want both of us to live a healthier (and still do) lifestyle but failed to take on any kind of leadership or set any type of example. I would get upset when things did not get done in that area of life but now have come to realize that it has to be done for that person. The way that I do things is not for everyone to do the same way. Working out and eating right is for that person to do on their own, in their own time. I've gone away from talking about me and my wife and have moved into the general audience.

How much of this lifestyle change is mental?

I think that I have been blessed with the ability to focus but what about the person that struggles with it. Is it their body that prevents them, financial reasons, or simply a mental level that one has to get too before reaching that point of conviction to live a healthier lifestyle?

I have decided to take on those three aspects for the next two weeks to find an answer; this will not be the only answer. This is how I will do it.

1. I will push my workouts harder these weeks.

2. With the exception of my treadmill, I will not use any local gyms, membership, or outside equipment that requires money. I will use things around my apartment and will add full body resistance workouts.

3. I will post my thoughts about my cardio and resistance workouts.

This may not be scientific but it will be interesting to see what comes as a result if anything.

Calories: 2235 cal.

Workout: 3.14 miles

February ReCap & an Idea

February was a month that opened me up to see what I was capable of doing. To be honest, I was very happy with what I saw and did. I did not pick up any miles of what was not completed last month but this month will be the month to do it...I hope.

February Recap

Starting Mile Balance: 950.39
Ending Mile Balance: 873.04

Starting Month Goal (incl. Feb & off pace): 103.23
Ending Month Mile Achieved: 77.35

Miles off pace to reach year pace goal: 25.88 (down .07 miles from Feb 1st.)

Days in February: 28
Days worked out: 20
Days no workout: 8

Avg workout per day by 28 days: 2.76 miles
Avg workout per day by Workout: 3.87 miles (rounded up .01)

Starting Month Weight: 220.20
Ending Month Weight: 211.00
Month Weight Loss: 9 lbs.

Total weight Loss in 2010: 24.81 pounds
Total Miles traveled in 2010: 136.96

Miles Until Year Goal Achieved: 873.04

So there you go. That is the Month of February all wrapped up. It was a good month. I had hoped to get some of those off pace miles caught up but I am okay with that. Thanks for the support during February and PLEASE keep it coming! I will put March Goals as a post tomorrow.

If you like the results that I have received and want to join me in the quest (we can set your miles accordingly to what is left in the year) than contact me. The more that are doing this with me - the easier it makes it not only for me, but for you as well. Maybe I could get some shirts drawn up or something. This is just an idea! Maybe an idea that can come to fruition.