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Faculty Vs. Students : Battle of the Year

Last night was the faculty vs. students basketball game. I...was...tired once I got home. Of course, I didn't let them know while we were playing that I was tired. All of those nights playing with the big boys at the gym (and might I say my picking the fastest guy) really paid off. Those kids did not think that Mr. Tyler could run for that long. That made me smile. I told them during the day that I was going to outrun them - I think I did a few of them. Their team had one eighth grade boy that could probably outrun the whole school. These were middle school ages (that just got done playing their regular season).

You know, it was really nice to hear our "coach", the girl's b-ball coach and Language teacher, say to a parent, "Well, it was nice having the energizer bunny on our team" while pointing at me. That also made me smile. I am not trying to brag but I am going to soak up the encouragement.

Anyone that is trying to reach a new level of health NEEDS encouragement.

Anyways...if you have not guessed it - we won. It was a really fun night. we actually ran the faster paced game then the kids did. It consisted of me taking off down the court and the others throwing me the ball - ha. Lots of fast breaks. I think I got about 10 points alone doing fast breaks. The score ended at 36-35 teachers. It took us all back to high school.

Our principal was running down the court as well. He's in his 60's but he is active on the treadmill every day. That was cool to see. This game was a benefit game for our music teacher and athletic director. She was in a car accident earlier in the year and just escaped with her life. She has recovered like crazy and has lost 60 pounds in the process! She just made it back to school last week and she was able to make it to the game. The crowd gave her 1000+ dollars to see the fun game. I'm really proud of the contributors and of the kids.

On a different note...I have been busy all morning and I still need to get a workout in before I leave town. I didn't officially take on the Weekend Warrior Challenge but am trying to make sure I stay busy each day of the weekend. I'm off to get a couple miles in.

Less than 50 miles and I have another giveaway. Also, Chelsey - your prize is on its way!


: Basketball - 3.3 miles --- that's what playing the whole game does for you :)

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