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Updated Photos & A Workout Created by You!

I wanted to thank everyone for the kind words and all of the prayers that you offered in regard to the passing of my grandmother. Thanks so much!

I have really taken to this idea of taking pictures of my workouts, food, and just life. I wanted to share some more pictures of what my workouts consist of and a little of my life. One of those pictures is of me lifting the couch for a workout – suggested by Jeremy from Stellar Path. It was not as hard as it looks as it has a pivoting point with the back legs of the couch.

My wife and I made some homemade pizza tonight. I saw a recipe on a blog (I read lots of blogs) and forgot what the recipe said. We improvised and went to the produce isle at the store for some pizza toppings. I had little sauce, little cheese, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, and turkey bacon. We wanted to add some meat and I did remember that they used turkey pepperoni but the local store had none; we used turkey bacon. The pizza was really good and did not sit heavy. I would have rather had whole wheat dough though. I couldn’t find any. Any help with that?

I was looking forward to running at the park but then remembered that I have basketball tonight and thought I keep myself fresh for ball. The weather was so nice though I could not pass it up. I asked my wife if she wanted to take a walk at the park and of course she said yes. We didn’t get a long walk in b/c of some storms coming in but it was nice to include her in my workouts and have fun. She took some pictures of me today that I want to include.


On a different note --- it is time for you to create my next week’s resistance workout. I will attempt to do what you all tell me to for my workouts. I am leaving it up to you and am willing to try anything. I will continue to do my cardio either outside or on my treadmill but would like for you all to create my body resistance workout. As you can see from some of my workouts…I’m open to anything.

Leave a Comment posting your idea for a workout that you want me to do for one day. I will group the workouts together and take pictures of me doing those workouts. I will give you and your blog a shout-out in the process with a link back to your blog. Get challenging too – I want to challenge myself.