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Blogger-Made Home Workout Challenge

You will have to forgive my weak attempt at looking fierce and strong on the treadmill. Ha. My wife snapped it a couple weeks ago while on the treadmill.

In my attempt to have you all create my home workout for one week - I had the idea of challenging you all to do it with me. I've been given some really good ideas for exercises to perform and have some ideas of my own. Do you think you have it in you to try this challenge?

The Blogger-Made Home Workout Challenge will start on Monday. The workouts will be listed by days with your choice of day for one to two rest days (not sure yet - suggestions?). The workouts will be sent via email the night before for the next day's workout. It will go from Monday to Sunday.

The idea is that we can workout without having to spend money all of the time. We use what we have in front of us and make due with what we have. Life can be hard sometimes and we don't always have the luxury of time to make it to the gym. If right now you do not have a membership to a gym - this is perfect for you. It should not take much time and I hope it pushes your body's limits and imagination. Exercise instructions will be given in the email - hopefully along w/a picture or link to further explain if questions remain.

This challenge will cost no money and all that participate will be entered into a drawing to win a $15.00 Walmart gift card. If you are out of the U.S. - we will figure something out around the same value for you to receive.

How to join this Blogger-Made Home Workout Challenge: (two things)

1. Comment below giving your email address (for ex: thetrickshot at hotmail dot com)

2. Link this Post to your Blog. (comment letting me know that you have done with a link back to yours)

Extra entry for tweeting this challenge - comment letting me know that you have done so.


I challenged you to challenge me - I have now returned the favor.

Get off of the couch and lift the couch!