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BMHW challenge - day 7 & a broken ankle

Okay - I do not know if it is broken but it is not good. I was playing basketball as I normally do on Sunday nights and I was fighting for a rebound. I'm not tall but I have found myself jumping higher than I use too. I think it is about as high as it was in high school --- which I am pretty stoked about. I landed on two different feet with my one feet. My ankle/foot kind of just skipped over both feet and then the ground. Rolled it around two or three times I'd say. Everyone else stopped - not b/c I yelled out in pain but b/c they heard....the pop. I'm not really sure what the pop was but it didn't sound good and it ended my night of ball. It is so swollen right now - but elevated and is being iced.
My first thoughts were: (1) hospital or not? (2) my insurance sucks (3) I get to use my aflac for the first time - aflaaaac! (4) how can I still reach my goal. That was one of my mom's comments too, she was truly concerned though - that question came later. My wife put it into perspective for me though,
"It is a lesson and you need to learn from it so other people can learn with you".

What has ever gotten in the way of a goal that you tried to reach and what did you do about it?