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The Broken Ankle Results are IN.

If you have not been to my blog before, my goal is to run/jog/walk (recorded only during workouts) 1,010 miles in the year of 2010. Everything was going really well until last night. I was playing basketball as I do twice a week and went up for a rebound ---what goes up must come down. I landed on two different feet of two different people and my foot just started rolling around trying to find the safety of the floor. I felt something roll around inside, or over my ankle (tendon maybe), as I landed and then a POP! Well, that pop was...

...a chip fracture of a bone.
It is on the Fibula bone on the inside lower part of my ankle. It looked rather long to me but the doctor said that the location of the fracture is pretty good. She said that it would heal pretty well and then proceeded to put my foot in a walking boot. I'm not sure of the technical name for the shoe -- but it goes up to a couple inches below my knee and helps me walk (so no more crutches).

I look really awkward walking now and will have to wear this thing for a couple weeks.

I took today off from working out but have been thinking of some ways that I can reach my goal. Here are some of my ideas:

  • I will continue to do home workouts (I can still do squats being that I do not have to move my feet; push-ups will have to be one legged; I will make this work)
  • I am thinking about putting my pedometer on during the day as my foot will continue to be healing so that I do not get way far behind on my goal. What do you guys think about this - is that cheating??
  • I will eat the same way that I have been. I have noticed though today that I have been hungry and have craved foods outside of my approving. I did not give in to the Pizza Hut or the Taco Bell that I craved.

This is where I am at. I don't like this position but I have to deal and make the best of this.

I will take any and all suggestions to help me continue going strong on this journey.