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More Comparison Pics & Busted Ankle Workout

So, today I wanted to post up some of my progress pictures over my journey. The picture in the blue shirt was taken as a school picture my first year of teaching (Oct or Nov 08), the second picture in teh red was taken this school year (Oct or Nov 09), and the pic in the white was taken tonight (March 23, '10).

I try not to be vain and that is not why I am posting these but as a constant reminder of how uncomfortable I look as a bigger person. It is no wonder that I got out of breath so fast. The thing that really gets me is that I thought that I felt Good then! I didn't push myself other than basketball twice a week - and at that I was dog tired after a couple pick up games. I enjoy seeing the progress and hope that you all can be inspired by a small success over here at 1010in2010. I will try not to post any more comparison pics b/c I do not want this to annoy anyone with pics of myself.

On to other news; my ankle is still the same.

I know that is not new news but there are some things that are weird about it. I don't feel any pain with it - if I do, it isn't much. I thought fractures and such were suppose to be painful. I have not had to take any pain pills except for the night it happened and this morning I had a headache, which I associate with the "no movement" sleeping I have to do to protect the ankle.

More news: Busted Ankle Workout

I took advantage of the community center that we have here in our town. The gym is free for community members to use. I have used it before but wanted to make it known that we don't need the gym to get workouts in - especially for us cheapskates. It is not much but it does serve its purpose. Since I have an obstacle in my way; I'm changing my routine up to get past the obstacle. I want to come back from this stronger and harder in every other area so that I don't miss a beat. All of my full body workouts were done one-legged (push-ups and free throws).
  • 3 sets of 10 push-ups (one set explosive, one set round-the-clock, one set normal)
  • 3 sets of 20 grabs rope climber crunches (10 grabs per side)
  • 3 sets of 8 Mid-press Rows
  • 3 sets of 10 butterfly press (name?)
  • 3 sets of 8 Mid-Press (upright bench)
  • 2 sets 10 shoulder press
  • 50 Made Free Throws (lots of walking to get missed shots...well, hobbling)
  • 1.04 miles walking. (I've capped it off there today, I was at .84 miles after work but I forgot the pedometer when I went to the gym - I did quite a bit of walking at the gym.)

What do you consider as your Greatest Success?