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Ankle Pics & Measurements

Today started out to be a pretty good day. It was not bad at any time but I kind of declined in the pep category as the day progressed. School went just fine and the kids have helped me out so that I don't have to hobble around everywhere (even though I do make the occasional trips just to get some extra steps in). I've kept a pretty good attitude concerning my ankle and this obstacle but tonight it kind of hit a low. I was just bummed. On Wednesdays, I usually go and play basketball but obviously was not able too. Just so you know, I love playing basketball. With that said - it was a little hard to not get to go play basketball but I made it. I did something that proved to be equally as tiring fun - taxes. It wasn't actually that bad this year.

Ankle News: Bruising has begun

I took a couple pics of the ankle as it continues to heal. There is some bruising that is taking place now and today I felt a little pain with it. The pain came only after I woke up from a nap. I was not as careful with it when I was sleeping.
I also took a picture to show the comparison between my two ankles.


I have never taken measurements and I kind of wish that I had when I was at my biggest. Little did I know that I would want them later on down the road. I had my wife do the measurements for me; these are not all of the measurements but all that I really cared to do.

Right Arm: 15 inches (this was with arm in flex position but not flexed)
Left Arm: 14 3/4 inches (arm in flex position but not flexed)
Chest: 45 inches (measurement taken over the nipples and evenly back)
Waist: 41 inches (measurement taken over the belly button and evenly back)

To be honest, I don't know what is good and don't have any importance set on these measurements except that I was bored and decided to take them.

Thanks to all of you for all of your support! You guys have been awesome!

I will be doing my BMHW Challenge Giveaway drawing tomorrow. I'm sorry I didn't get that done on Monday but it will be up tomorrow, Thursday.

I will be having a 200 mile giveaway probably next week; as soon as I hit 200 miles for the year. I was hoping to have that this week but I'll get it next week.

How do you keep yourself accountable?