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Little by little, inch by inch & YOGA attempt #1

Aside from teaching my normal middle school classes, I also teach computer typing classes. A couple of my girls in the third grade asked if I wanted to hear a song that they had learned and I, of course, said yes. I really liked the message that the song had.

Little by little, inch by inch
by the yard - it's hard, by the inch - what a cinch
never stare up the stairs, just step up the steps
little by little, inch by inch

Obviously - little by little is about the way that I am moving - slowly, but the message is a lot cooler than that. I keep thinking about what I am not able to do right now (running, basketball, simple normal walking, etc), but when I focus on what I can't do it takes away from the things I can do. I like the line, "never stare up the stairs, just step up the steps". There was more to the song but those simple lines opened my eyes to what I was missing. I think I was kind of in a funk yesterday but that line brought me right out.

I had a really good workout today and I tried something new, but I will get to the new thing later.


My workout started with me shooting 100 free throws. I made 70 out of those 100. I had decided that any of the free throws that I missed I would have to do a push-up for each miss in return. That means that I missed 30 free throws; I did 30 push-ups. I did twenty of them in a row and the remaining ten as a second set. I really think I could have made more than 70, but I got rushed off the court -- some people wanted to know if they could play full-court and I told them I was almost done. I rushed the last 5 shots...missed 4 of them. Darn kids.

Free throws: 70/100
Shoulder Press: 3 sets of 12
Mid Press: 2 sets of 10
Butterfly press: 2 sets of 10
Lat Pulldowns: 2 sets of 10
Low Row: 2 sets of 10
Push-ups: 30
Jump-Rope:2 sets of 20 sec. fast (one leg)
Leg raises: 2 sets of 30 second holds
Tricep Dips: 2 sets of 8

Walking Today: 2.33 miles...(So happy for the boot rather than crutches)


My wife was craving Chinese tonight -- she never wants Chinese so I thought that I could find something that was halfway healthy. We checked out the menu for a good 5-10 minutes and I decided on the chicken and broccoli w/rice. I also got crab rangoon (sp?), one of my personal fav things.

I didn't think about it being covered in a sauce but that's okay. I ate the chicken and broccoli and little of the rice (not a huge fan of rice) and then ate too many of the crab rangoon. I don't stray from my food intake normally at all, I did for the crab rangoon. I do not eat the outer edges, just the inside goodness. It was a good meal and now I move on from the crab rangoon excess.

My First Yoga Attempt

I told my wife that she could not go into the spare room because I didn't want anyone to see me struggling to get into the downward dog position, especially with my ankle the way it is. I found an 8 minute yoga session on a free podcast on my iPod and set out to do it. I knew that there would be some poses that I could not do so I just tried to adjust the best that I could to them.

My first attempt at Yoga = failed attempt.

I was not good at it. I was trying to watch the video and focus my breathing while figuring out what the warrior pose was while trying not to put much weight on my ankle in the boot. This yoga session was targeted for weight loss and I really think that it would work, if I could do all of it.

What is one exercise or routine that you have tried and just failed at in the beginning?