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Push Up until You can't Push Up No More

I had been thinking about it for a week now but had not done it until tonight. I wanted to see how many push-ups that I could do in a row. I did that tonight to the point of muscle failure. I know that a couple of my readers may not agree with muscle failure, and the technique is controversial, but what I wanted is to do as many push-ups as I could until I couldn't do any more.

My results

Push-ups in a row: 31

Total number of
push-ups: 65

Did I try 66? Yes, couldn't do it. I tried stopping at 64 but my wife said, "One more!"

Here's some pics of my Push-up Party.

I was really appreciative that my wife said I could do one more. I didn't think I had it in me but she gave me enough motivation. With that said...I want to give you that same support that she gave me. If you are in need of some motivation - hit me up with your email and I'll try to send something out to you every now and then.

Have you ever had that time when someone pushed you to do more than you thought you could?