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March Recap & April Goals

March was a month of determination and pushing myself further than I've been. To be honest, I was very happy with what I saw and did despite the circumstances. I was on pace to take off a lot of the off pace miles but about a week and a half ago, the ankle thing happened and that has me gimping around still. Obviously I have not been able to run and get the miles so I wore my pedometer throughout the day. That has helped my sanity knowing that I am not getting too far behind pace.

To any of you that have given me an award - I will try to make some time this week to post those and I also want to give a few shout-outs to my readers throughout this next month. We'll see how time goes.

March Recap

Starting Mile Balance: 873.04
Ending Mile Balance: 804.67

Starting Month Goal: 111.75
Ending Month Mile Achieved: 68.37

Miles off pace to reach year pace goal: 43.07 (up 17.19 miles from March 1st.)

Days in March: 31
Days worked out: 28
Days no workout: 3

Avg workout per day by 28 days: 2.00 miles
Avg workout per day by Workout: 2.44 miles

Starting Month Weight: 211.0
Ending Month Weight: 205.0
Month Weight Loss: 6 lbs.

Total weight Loss in 2010: 30.81 pounds
Total Miles traveled in 2010: 205.33

Miles Until Year Goal Achieved: 804.67

I'm really happy with how things turned out. I had hoped that they would be better in terms of miles but you really just got to work with what you've been given - so here I am.

April Goals

  • Get to OneDerland! 6 more pounds and I'm in the one hundreds for the first time since high school.
  • Go one week without any soda. I drink one sprite a day and I enjoy that but I want to see how I do without that daily sugar.
  • Perform 1,010 push-ups. Yeah. I said 1,010. That's roughly 33-34 a day.
  • Continue to prepare for the 5k that takes place in early May. I'll walk it if I have too - I was training for it and was doing well...20+ minutes running at a comfortable pace with easy breathing. I just want to complete it now.
  • Reach 110 readers on the blog.
  • Learn how to do pull-ups. I seriously stink at these.
  • April Mile Goal [incl. Apr (82.8) & off pace(43.07)]: 125.87
These are my goals. These can happen.

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