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Workout Nicknames! What's Yours? & other info.


It was a great day today. Church went really well and following that, my wife and I played host to Easter Dinner with my family. My wife worked really hard, along with my mother, to make lots of good food! I probably ate too much but will accept that and move on. I'm sorry that I have not been on in a couple days but I have just been super busy over this break. Isn't that the way that it happens - you get a break only to be the busiest.


On Friday night my stomach wasn't feeling the best and it required me to take one of those little pills that stop the...never-mind. I'll just stick with my stomach was not feeling well and after one of those pills is taken - I automatically feel uncomfortable that I'm bloated. Even if I didn't eat too much today, I still feel like I did.


As previously mentioned in a different post - my wife and I are moving from where we are currently at come early Summer. We are getting pretty excited about this move and have begun looking at some houses. Tomorrow we will be looking at a fixer-upper for a second time; this time with a closer eye to all dislikes, likes, defects, and possibilities. It would be nice to have something prepared and ready before it comes time to move. Wish us luck.

Push-UPS and Ankles

I have been doing push-ups as another form of working out this month. I have a goal of hitting 1010 push-ups during the month of APRIL. My ankle is feeling much better and will begin soon a treadmill workout to my new regime but will continue to do these exhausting simple exercises.
I am at 120 for the month and have 40 more to do tonight. As you can tell by the mile tracker on the right side of the site - I have been able to produce some better mile numbers through walking. It is great to be getting back to normal.

That's my weekend in a nutshell. I have missed all of you and I can only imagine that my google reader is in the hundreds now. I am back. I am ready. I am a machine.

If you could give yourself one Workout Nickname -- what would it be?

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