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No Brace Today & I NEED Recipes fast!

No Brace...unless it hurts!

I am a fairly coordinated person until I took the big brace off and have been wearing the smaller one. When I walked with the larger brace (toe to knee) I was a slow mover. I would compensate w/my right leg speeding it up so that I could move faster, but they were still small steps. That was okay then. Since I have been walking with the smaller brace I find myself still walking in the same fashion, but don't realize it until I stub my toe on something. I'm taking bigger steps with my right leg but they are at the same fast speed as I still am trying to (compensate) protect my left ankle; I'm going to break a toe if I don't realize I'm walking funny before I hit the dresser w/my foot again. My theory is only speculation.

(The picture to the left has no importance - I just thought it was time for a picture.)

Today, however, I am walking without a brace. To be honest, I wasn't planning on going without but I simply forgot to put it on. I remembered and quickly got it as I was out the door my way to school. At least it was the brace and not my pants or something.

Recipes NEEDED!

My wife and I try to make our dinner plans weekly so we have only one planned trip to the grocery store. Of course there are those times that we have to go fifty times a week for things we forgot. Here lately though -- we have been stumped on what to make.

So I'm coming to you all for help.

We want good healthy food. What do you have to offer?

Please give me recipes! Give me your best, simplest, and healthiest recipes...please. I will try mostly anything.

I can not have chocolate, but my wife can. If it has chocolate - I'm sorry I won't be able to try.

For each recipe, you get a shout-out on Twitter and this blog!