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The picture. Acceptance. Success.

I found the picture that started it all.

It put me put me in my place.
It took me out of my
It showed me that I was not physically who I wanted to be.
It proved me a liar when I said I was fit.
It was honest.
It showed me that I did not control myself.
It called out to me to change myself.

I ripped it up. You can see the tear where I shredded it to pieces out of frustration and disgust.

I was probably winded after I tore it up.

It broke me.
It called me a failure.
I was embarrassed and ashamed to see it.
It hit me.

This is my life. I control what I put into my body and the activity that I do. I will not fall victim to the temporary and shallow delight that comes with overeating. I will not seek out useless food to fulfill the desire to hide my discontent with my physical appearance.

I wasn’t ugly, just fat.

I know that now.

I was not defeated.

I will not be defeated.

I am strong.

I am aware.

I am focused.

I am a success.

Can you accept yourself?

In the comment section - tell us one thing that you are that you are proud to be.

Take that one thing and run with it. Build yourself!