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I'm Proud of my wife! Dilemma, Help! Are you on the BlogRoll?

So yesterday was the starting day for the six week weight loss challenge that I have put together. There are 13 participants total and a prize of $130. That’s not too shabby of a prize if I say so myself. Not only am I the organizer but I am a participant too. I could get a good pair of running shoes, a good chunk of cash towards a bodybugg, or something of no relevance but that I like, if I win. Who knows! The choices are unlimited…except for the $130 price tag. If I did win, chances are slim...I'd give half of it to the top losing female participant.

It is not about the winning as much as it is to be able to inspire other people to begin a healthier lifestyle. Only three of the challengers are people that are full-throttle prior to beginning this challenge. That means that there are a lot of newbies – and anyone that has been doing weight loss/fitness for a period of time loves newbies b/c they love to learn about weight loss/fitness related things. Already, it has been a lot of fun!

However, this is not the reason that I have written this post. I really wanted to say that I am very proud of my wife. It’s generally easier for men to post their pictures a nd weight for all to see, but it takes much more for a woman. Women have much more guarded insecurities, fears, and comfort zones that couldn’t be broken by an army tanker.

She let down her guard.

She gave away her fears.

She accepted her body.

This may mean very little to a lot of my readers, but I know that many of you can connect with the fears that she experienced. I am very proud of her in taking on this challenge and I think she is pretty excited for it – now that what may have been the hardest part mentally, is over.

My wife has a craft blog and she posted her Beginning Picture for the challenge. Go encourage her! You guys are the best at encouragement!

The Dilemma

While I am asking favors for you…I have a dilemma. I bought a domain name for this site but am unsure on when to put it up and was going to see when you thought. Obviously, the domain name is the title of this site – What do you think? Should I wait until 2010 is over, go ahead and do it now when I have fewer readers, or what? I need Help!

Are you on the Roll?

Now that we are talking about this site, I updated the Blogroll on the right side of the page. Those are not all of the bloggers that I read, but some that update regularly and have awesome information. Do you not see your site on there? Tell me and let me know that you don’t and why it needs to be up there! I love to give other bloggers plugs and shout-outs. Yours may just be next!

Encourage My Wife! Leave Your Opinion on the Domain. Join the Blogroll!

...if you'd like of course.