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A Running Guide for the Overweight Runner

There is a man that runs around my town all of the time carrying himself with no evidence of being tired. You may see him out at the park r...


Killer Abs. Hanging On By a Thread. Race Schedule.


I really struggled with pain today when I was running. You are probably thinking, “Well Seth, you broke your ankle 3 ½ weeks ago and that's why you are in pain man". That's not it though. My ankle feels great! I was really worried about my legs keeping me from running well, at my pace, but it wasn't that either. It was my abs. They killed me. They hurt so bad while I was running. All I could do was to tell myself to keep breathing and keep moving. I let my legs just keep moving me. Thank you legs. Thank you ankle.

My abs were pretty much numb when I was done running. I didn't stop though. I finished strong to my car when it came into sight. Who would have thought that a Ford Contour would look so awesome. I finished my 2 1/4 mile in 23min 23 sec. That's 13 seconds over my last try at that mapped out run. I know that it had all to do with my abs killing me. I even had my best mile to date (9:14), but it was no match for the rebellious abs and two nice long hills. I made it though and I'm happy because I gave it my best.

Hanging on by a Thread

Before I went out to run I went to the store to get myself a little arm band mp3 player holder. I have an iPod but who wants to take the iPod outside on a run? Not this guy. I used my mp3 player and it was great to be able to wear it and also be able to keep my car key in it. No longer did I have to hold the player and key in my hand or in my pocket. That is, until I go to take the arm band off when I got home. The arm band was holding on by a thread. Seriously, the lightest of material (see through) is the only thing that kept the band together. I'm not too happy about that. One run and their band almost tears in half. And why? My arms are not overly huge and I didn't do anything but run. Pull strap, velcro, run, take off arm band. That's all it is required to do and it failed me. Oh well - guess I have to take this one back and get something else. It was nice while it lasted.

Race Schedule

I am getting pretty excited about the 5k that I have coming up. It is just under a month away, but it is a lot of fun to train for. I have not been able to run distances like these in a very long time. Living healthy is a whole new way of life. There would be a lot less overweight people if they could just experience some of the results from hard work. This healthier lifestyle totally beats laziness and complacency.

I have two races that I will be attempting to run in. The first race is on May 8th as I've posted about which is sponsored by the Girls on the Run program. The other upcoming race is on May 29th and it is a duathlon. The duathlon has two separate courses - a long and a short. The long course consists of Run 2 mile, bike 12.4, Run 2 mile. The short consists of Run 2 mile, bike 5, run 1/2 mile.

I'll probably choose the short, but will have a better idea when it comes time to choose. It's exciting to see everything come together.

What do you all do for a good recovery regime?

Fit with a Purpose. Two-person Workout. 5k Sign-up

I did it. There were some complications - but it's done. Now that it is done on my part - I've got homework for you to do... please! All of 1010in2010 and it's contents, mostly, will be forwarded to this domain name, but I need all of you AWESOME readers to redirect your links that go to me to say you? Be sure to change your Google Reader as well...please. It is essentially the same site with a different name, but the transition caused me to lose ALL of my past comments and messed up the Blogroll that I just recreated yesterday! I will be leaving the tab to say 1010in2010 for now so that people know they are at the right place.

So, why the name change? Well, I can tell you that it is no Chad Johnson OchoCinco publicity stunt. I wanted to be founded here in the blogosphere by surrounding myself with encouraging bloggers, readers, and friends who were here for the same reason - to get fit.

I could go out on many different rabbit trails telling my back story and what I want for me and my family in the future, but I don't want to bore you with those things. If you want that, check "My Story" - there's a whole page on it. One thing I do want to discuss though is the purpose for the name.

There are so many studies, charts, and statistics that tell us that people that are not healthy physically - are not healthy in most other areas in their lives. As I've said yesterday - I read a lot of blogs and have seen each of their stories - only to come to the realization that this time, a lot of the studies actually match their conclusion. Physically unhealthy people tend to be unhealthy in many other aspects of life. Whether it's through self-esteem, confidence, love, or whatever it is - most of us can attest that we are/were affected by the unhealthy physical choices that we made on some other level.

I started this blog with one goal. It was to walk/jog/run 1,010 miles in the year of 2010. It started as me just wanting to do something for myself to take back control. I did not know that it would become what it has - I LOVE THIS. My goal was to hit those miles and that any other changes in life - physical, mental, internal - would all just be a by-product of me chasing after what seemed to be a ridiculous goal.

It's transformed into something else. I am getting fit with a purpose.

I am intentionally taking over my life. I eat with purpose. I just ran 2.2 miles on a three week healed ankle because I wanted to; I was craving the run. I mentally push myself b/c I know I can push past my limits.

I am not successful by accident or by chance.

I work hard. I am getting fit with a purpose. I want to share my successes and failures b/c I know that through my successes and failures - others can become successful. I am worth the hard work that I put into my body.

I can't always put what I want to say into words, but fitwithapurpose goes far beyond just my life. It goes into each person that is struggling to lose the weight, heal past wounds, and journey into the future healthier on all fronts. People struggle with finding a purpose in life.

fitwithapurpose is here to give my story and to encourage others that they too, are worth fighting for.

Two-person Workout

Last night I agreed to work out with my wife. She had not yet worked out, but wanted to and we decided to do the Jillian Michael's 30 day shred. It was quite funny, the exercises of course and not my wife working out! I noticed that I still can not do the side to side agility moves with the ankle. It'll come but for now I just have to flail my arms around looking silly trying to do jumping jacks on one leg.

I told her that I would work out with her for the duration of the challenge. These will probably be on top of my own workouts as well. I really do like that we are both taking the steps to improve. This can only help with our future family that we want to have.

Jillian's dvd was pretty good -- I expected more physical workouts out of the shred, but I might just be over critical of dvd workouts other than pilates or yoga. What are your thoughts on workout dvds??


So, I just filled out my 5k entry form. May 8th, 8:30am - Girls on the Run 5k. I'm pretty excited for it and if you are wondering -- Girls on the Run is just putting the race yes, I can run with the girls.

Tell me where you were and what you were doing when you realized that you must change the way you are living.