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We're in this together & a question.

Today I received a comment on my last post – (a must read) – by Chris that really made me think about everything. What we do on the health front will make one of the largest impacts in our lives. There are multiple reasons in why we do this and that is perfectly acceptable, but what we have in common is that we all have the same starting point.

Some of my readers have gone through the hard times and trials as an overweight person trying to lose weight and some are just now learning that their life has worth. I think it would be safe to say though that once that person decides and acts on the notion to lose weight and become healthy – that they just left the “I am not satisfied with who I physically am” group. That’s a tough group to leave because that group is comfortable, easy, and requires little effort.

As you know, I am huge on encouragement and the rest of this post will focus on the people that need the encouragement right now.

The first person that I want you to send some love to is Chris. Chris is a reader of mine and a blog that is one of my “Must Reads”. She met a huge goal today in that she has now officially lost 100 pounds. She lost 100 pounds! I can’t imagine how awesome that must feel. She wrote an incredible post about the awesome accomplishment. Go give her some love.

The next person I want you to flood with encouragement is Anthony. Anthony is attempting to undergo the Insanity program, c25k, a master’s program, and life in general. He has been busting his butt to take on everything at a level that is crazy…insane. Go show your support to him too!

The last person I want you to go fill her comment box up is Ashley. She just had a weigh in and year to date – she has lost 22 pounds since January! She has had her ups and downs so far this year like the rest of us but continues to stay positive. GO help her out too!

As for myself today…I’ll just say that I’m happy to send you their way. I’ll keep my good news for another day!

What was the best compliment that you’ve ever received?