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Fifteen Reasons. 5k Tuesday.

Fifteen Reasons.

Sometimes I don’t know how to rest and/or stop when my mind is focused on something. I have to make sure that I am level headed when I am doing things so that I don’t over do it. That is why I set up my running schedule. I love all of this running. In order to keep myself level-headed and focused all on fronts - I decided to make a list as to why I am enjoying my runs, workouts, and eating decisions; so that I know for my own purposes. After I wrote it out – I decided that I would share some of those reasons with you; they are in no particular order. This list is not only limited to my running, but also involves likes from the weight loss/fitness categories.

1. I enjoy seeing the results of my hard work.
2. It’s quality thinking time.
3. It’s free.
4. Fresh air is awesome.
5. Only I am to blame if I fail to do my best.
6. I get to exercise discipline.
7. My wife said, “You’re so skinny” today.
8. I’m faster.
9. I can do 40 pushups in a row, take a rest, and then do more.
10. It’s easier to tie my shoes.
11. It looks that my story has inspired some – that’s what I want.
12. I’m growing in knowledge.
13. I look younger.
14. I feel younger.
15. It’s easier to be me.

This list certainly doesn’t cover all of the reasons as to why I enjoy a healthier lifestyle, but it is a good start.

A challenge for you: Make your own list. Post it on your blog, facebook, and/or in several tweets. Tell us why you enjoy living a healthier lifestyle.

5k Tuesday.

Today was the first 5k Tuesday and once I began running, I didn't feel good. I made the first mile in good time, but the pain started to come. My side/stomach was hurting but I pushed through it and it went away. It continues to amaze me at how the body will overcome the things that get in our way. I finished the 5k in 30'41". I sprinted to the end.

There were some high school tennis matches going on at the park courts and it allowed for a laugh at the end of my run. There was a crowd watching the games and then you see me running. The tennis courts come into focus as you make a turn on the road going around the park and I'm afraid I probably looked like I was the kid trying to run hard - as I sprinted to the end - to impress the popular girl on the playground. I ran right next to the courts sprinting as much as I could to get that time. Quite a good laugh picturing me flailing by.

Tell me one reason why you enjoy the healthier lifestyle and then go make your list!