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Wellness Run. Skinny Cow. Few Weird Tidbits.

Wellness Run.

Today was Wellness Run Wednesday and it was a good run. It turned out to be 3.72 miles (according to mapmyrun). I mapped it out and then went to run it - I guess I was already in the zone because I turned one road to quickly and messed up the distance. I had thought I mapped the right road (ran the right road in my mind) but couldn't figure out why the original mapmyrun mile reading (4.23) and my car mileage reading(3.7) didn't match up. Human error. Oops.

It was a smooth run with little trouble. Every once in a while I would feel a little soreness pain, but it quickly went away. I was happy for that. The weather was gorgeous again today and I'm developing quite the arm, face, and neck tan. I really enjoyed running the new route. I finished the 3.7 miles in 39'34". It's also the furthest distance that I have ran at one time.

If you would have asked me last year if I was able to run 40 minutes...I might have said yes as long as their was a mountain dew, Taco Bell, large stuffed crust bbq pizza, and a Huge cake waiting for me. I couldn't have made it ten minutes.

I felt good today though. I try to watch my breathing and when I was at 3.5 miles I focused on my breathing to see how heavy I was breathing and I was happy with it. I'm happy to be breathing. :)

Skinny Cow

I have been hearing the hype on the Skinny Cow products. I decided that I would give it a go. It was pretty good. This is no official/requested review either - just so we are clear. I just wanted to get something sweet that might be good for me at the same time. You hyped it up - I tried it out today. I got the strawberry shortcake sandwiches - they were good. My wife and I got raspberry sherbert about a week ago and have been eating a small portion of that when we want something sweet. It's a different type of sweetness the ice cream and sherbet. Ice cream made me want more and the sherbet usually just satisfies. We will probably get the Skinny Cow again sometime, but remember...I'm a cheapskate - so we will see how often.

Few Weird Tidbits

I am a teacher and last summer when I was on break I decided to tutor some students. One of these students was from the public school. They really wanted to get into the private school that I teach at. She was a little behind, but worked really hard. She progressed pretty well but for whatever the reason, they didn't enroll her. I run past her house on most of my runs because it is on my route. I am known around town as Mr. Tyler. She saw me and yelled out - "Hey Seth!". I was confused. It didn't bother me, but it was weird to hear a student call me by my first name. I said hi and kept running.

I had been thinking that I had yet to have a dog encounter while running. A couple days ago I had my first dog encounter. It was a large Boxer. It was a pretty dog, little fierce looking, and a big softy. It ran along with me for a few yards and then went back to it's owner. Nice encounter. I had another encounter with a dog yesterday. It was fierce, stood its ground, and stood barely a foot off of the ground. It was a little Terrier. I laughed and kept running. Funny.

TMI coming up? Probably Not. Runner's problem though. So, this weird tidbit is not really that weird due to the fact that it is fairly common, but friction from the shirt while running had created some pain. Apparently, sweat and friction from the shirt will cause pain. I don't think it's much of a woman problem though. I looked up remedies and decided to get athletic soft tape. Worked. Felt good.

If you were to go back one year from today, what would you tell yourself?