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Lightning Run. Fitness GIVEAWAY!

What's faster than lightning?

So, it’s been raining all day and I didn’t get to run for very long. I waited for the rain to steady out a little bit – hoping that the lightning would subside (which it did for about 20 minutes). As soon as I got to the park to run the Thursday Three Mile, it started lightning again. I waited – gave it a ten minute rule of no lightning – and decided I had enough time for a mile run. There is nothing like a mile run when you are unsure of lightning. I ran a mile in 8’20”. What?! Yes! I knew I didn’t have much time for more than a mile so I gave it a solid effort. My breathing was much heavier than it normally is, but I decided that I should give it a go to see what kind of time I could make. It rocked my socks off (or was that the lightning that showed up not 1 minute after I was done?). No, it was the run. It felt good.

(fit with a purpose)

As you can see, I’m coming up on 300 miles for the year. I have a tracker there on the right side of the page at all times. For those of you that have not been here long – my original goal for this year was to walk/jog/run 1,010 miles in 2010. My goals have kind of shifted to a new focus since the start of this blog, but I have kept that goal. I’ve hit a few rough patches, read here, but have been blessed with a quick recovery. To celebrate my 300 miles (which will be coming up in just a few short days) – I’m doing a GIVEAWAY!

I’d love to say that someone contacted me and offered their products to give away – but that didn’t happen and this stuff is directly from my hard work to your winning hands. I think I picked out some cool things for it! Who would’ve known that I would have already crossed the state of Missouri by foot?! Crazy cool.

In the Giveaway are some cool items. Gold’s gym 65cm Exercise/Body Ball, Jump Rope, and Resistance Tubes, Starter Water Bottle w/watch inside, pedometer, and the newest issue of KC Fitness Magazine (for the local flavor).

I’m biased, but I think this is a good Giveaway!

Enter now to win the F.W.A.P. FITNESS GIVEAWAY


1 - Become a follower of my blog if you are not already and leave a COMMENT.

2 - Tell my why you want these prizes and leave a COMMENT.

3 - Tell me which post on Fit With a Purpose is your favorite and leave a COMMENT.

4 - Post about this giveaway on your blog, Twitter, OR Facebook account and leave a COMMENT FOR EACH W/Link.

6 - Tell me what your favorite simple exercise is (push-up, sit-up, squat, etc.) and leave a COMMENT

The F.W.A.P. Fitness GiVEAWAY will end on Wednesday April 28th, 2010. Winner will be announced the following day!