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Windy 2 Mile. Awesome Fitness GIVEAWAY Winner!!

Windy 2 Mile.

Today was a very windy day. I didn't run on Tuesday (which through me off schedule) and didn't get to run yesterday due to that unexpected trip. I got to run today and it was a rough and tough run. Thursday is the three mile run for the week, but it became the Thursday 2 mile today. I actually felt way over pace in the wind but was actually in the 8'50"s the first mile. Second mile was a little slower with about a 9'30" mile. It wasn't a bad run mentally, this one was just fighting the element of wind.

My 5k is just over a week away (Yes!) and I am still shooting for that sub30. I know that I can run it as I have before -- I just want to make sure I don't over process it while I'm running. If you are mentally drained while running - It doesn't take long for the physical draining to catch up. Overall, it was a good run -- windy with a side of windy -- , but good nonetheless!

Thanks for all of the compliments with the head shot comparison pics. I didn't expect the "good lookin" bits and pieces, but hey - I'll take 'em where I can get them!

I know this is why you all are reading this Post. It's because I am about to announce the winner of the Awesome Fitness Giveaway...but you'll have to wait.

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There were 82 entries into the giveaway. I used a random number generator and comment number.......

#34 --- Katie J wins.

Katie J -- You just won an Awesome Fitness Giveaway Package....You need to hit me up so that I can get your info! styler [at] cccb [dot] edu

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