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April Review. May Goals. One Thing.

The Past Month in Review

April was a pretty good month overall for me. I continue to push myself more than I ever have. I pushed myself more than when I was playing basketball in high school. I pushed more than when I was lifting weights four times a week my first year of college. I pushed myself this month into a new level.

I was happy with how my ankle held up this past month considering March’s misfortune. I definitely caught up on some of the missing miles that I received once I hurt my ankle. This past month – I ran like crazy.

To any of you that have given me an award - I will try to make some time this month to post those. I am very appreciative that you find my blog enjoyable, readable, and "come-back" worthy. So appreciative.

April Recap.

Starting Mile Balance: 804.67
Ending Mile Balance: 712.32

Starting Mile Month Goal: 125.87
Ending Month Mile Achieved: 92.35

Miles off pace to reach year pace goal: 33.52

Days in April: 30
Days worked out (walk/jog/run): 30
Days no workout: 0

Avg workout per day by 30 days: 2.85 miles
Avg workout per day by Workout: 2.85 miles

Starting Month Weight: 205.0
Ending Month Weight: 199.2 (4/26/2010)
Month Weight Loss: 5.8 lbs.

Total weight Loss in 2010: 36.8 pounds
Total Miles traveled in 2010: 297.68

Miles Until Year Goal Achieved: 712.32


I'm really happy with how things turned out this month. I personally think that this month has been the best yet in terms of fitness and mental health. I really think that I broke down some weight loss walls that I had set up the past few years. I did have an April goal of reaching 1,010 push-ups. It did not happen. I ended April with 745 push-ups. Still no easy feat.

MAY Goals

Continue to prepare for the 5k that takes place in less than a week – I would love to run the 5k in sub30 fashion. I’ll be happy with whatever though.
Reach 200 readers on the blog. (weird goal? Maybe)
Learn how to do pull-ups. I seriously stink at these. I’m learning through p90x, but I am still a ways off due to lack of pull-up bar.
Continue with the goal of 1010 miles.

These are my goals. These can happen.

If you can change ONE thing in this next month -
What is that one thing?