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Inspiring Wife. My Make-Over Pictures.

It seems that most times we, who are or have been previously fit, knew or know the proper way of eating and the different avenues of exercise. We do, did, or use to love to talk about the way, but failed with the follow through. I do feel though that we get better with follow through when we stick with our plan and reach for our goals. What does this have to do with my wife being smart? Let me tell you.

Inspiring wife.

My wife has tried before with sticking with a weight loss/fitness plan, but like many of us have done – we exited that strategy when we didn’t see instant results. My wife is becoming successful and is sticking to it with me this time. It’s great to have that by the way. Someone asked her what she was doing with food. She gave a reply to that person and I wanted to post it up on here too.

“Thanks Megan! I have been eating about 6 small meals a day. breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner and maybe a snack if I'm hungry later. My snacks are either an apple or a banana. My regular meals are smaller portions than I used to have. I don't get seconds. And I allow myself one sugar snack a day so I don't feel deprived and binge. So mostly it’s portion control & keeping my metabolism up. Other than that I make sure I workout to either my Jillian DVD or I do yoga with Seth on his P90X. And If I don't feel like it was enough I walk a mile on the treadmill. I feel more comfortable with the 1 to 2 pound loss a week. I would get discouraged if it was up one week and down the next you know? Haha. This may have been more than you asked for but there it is! Nothing fancy :)”

I really liked this reply because it is simple, doable, and it works. My wife is inspiring and helping other people on their route to weight loss success too! I love it. I do.

Make-Over Pics.

I really enjoy “Make-Over” week on the Biggest Loser. After seeing tonight's episode, I felt inspired to give myself a makeover as well. I had fun with it. By the way, I couldn’t believe that Sam reached his goal weight on campus with a couple weeks still yet to go on the campus. Crazy. Enjoy the pics. Yes, that is the same shirt that I wore in a pic the other day. I like it, I feel good in it, it works for me.

I normally end with a question for you – but not today. I want you to do your own make-over.

go crazy!

You may ask why? The answer is because you deserve to see how far you have come! You are worth every bit of the hard work that you are putting into bettering yourself…and I want you to show everyone your hard work. Let’s see it.

Be sure to come back and let us know where to go to see your makeover pics!!!