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Awesome Non Scale Victories. Search Worthy.

Search Worthy.

I have to start out with what I found on my Feedjit live stream. Feedjit is the thing that you see on the lower right side of my page that shows me where people are coming from. This is one of the ways that I can track and see what parts of the nation, continent, and world people are coming from to visit fit with a purpose. It's fun to see some of this. I don't check it that often, but love to see how and when someone gets there from a search in Google.

Google has been my friend lately.

I copied and cropped three of the searches that are pretty recent so that you could enjoy them with me. Check them out below. You may have to click on the picture to see it clearly.

If you are the owner of any of the searches -- Welcome! It's great to have you. Fit with a purpose is a relaxed environment. You won't be seeing a very skinny man doing push-ups though, but rather a man that is getting skinny by doing push-ups. :)

Awesome NSV's.

I had debated as to write a post tonight due to being tired. I got to bed late last night and today has moved by rather slowly. That is what we are usually wanting though isn't it - for it to seem that we have more time? That just registered - I had a nice long day. Moving on.

Today, I just wanted to send you all in the direction of a few people. I don't have any Great Non Scale Victories of my own, but these people do. Go send these people some of the encouragement that you get from all of us!

Kelsey over at fatgirlconfessions2.0 has been having a rough time lately. As for the NSV - she might not realize it, but her determination to keep going through the rough times plays huge in her success. She is rather new to the weight loss world and could really use the encouragement. She needs you all right now to show her some lovin.

Jer over at Jer is Losing it... just found out not too long ago that she is going to be featured in a magazine! It is the KC FITNESS magazine that I love so much too! How crazy is that? She has lost 100+ lbs on her journey and just got some photo shoot pics back. Go check her out and show her what encouragement looks like!

Last one today.

Mac at Get Fit Slowly. I've mentioned Mac a few times on this site and you may already read him, but if you don't -- go check him out. He just ran 26.2 miles. He ran a marathon. This guy had trouble going up the stairs in the beginning. Go look at him now!

I hope you all had a great day!

What is it about the blogging community that you like the most?!