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Challenging Day. Race News. Weigh-In Picture!

Challenging Day.

Today has been a mentally challenging day. It's been raining all day and Carol and I made a hard decision yesterday in regards to our moving (which takes place in just a little less than a month). I currently teach and work part time at a church. We have been offered a full time position with the church and I accepted. We have been searching for a house and thought that we found one twice - but each time something has prevented it. The first house fell through because of the inspection - the second because of pride. We are moving to plug into the community and we found a house that was really cool and we liked it, but it was far out of town and not the best fit for us now. I know I may be crazy to pass on that house, but getting that house was defeating the purpose of reaching the community. My ego would have definitely been puffed up with this house - but that house would consume our purpose. I am crazy. :)

The decision to pass on the house mixed with the gloomy, rainy day has produced a gloom attitude. It's been a long day. Something else will come up though!

Moving on to some better news.

I will find out tomorrow where I placed overall from the 5k race where I set my PR and placed 1st in my division. I am pretty excited to see how I did with everyone's time. It's all still new to me. I have some more pictures that will be uploaded that were taken of me with a couple of students of mine that also ran the 5k. They both beat me! An 8th grader ran the 5k in 21'30" (exact second?) and a 7th grader in 24'53". Both of them placed first in their division as well!

Hopefully, I will have that information for you tomorrow!

Now for the weigh-in this week. It was a success. I have consistently lost the weight with a healthy downward trend. The best part about this week, besides the 5k race, was that my father in law saw a picture of me and he didn't recognize me. He asked Carol who the two guys in the picture were (one was a guy from church and then me) and she said, "That's Seth dad!"

He said, "Thaaat's Seth?!"

We don't get to see them that often as we live in different states. I liked that compliment. Made me smile!

Back to the weigh in. I weighed in at 195.6 lbs. That's a loss of 2.4 lbs. I'll take it. I wasn't sure how this week would turn out because I tapered my running and workouts for the race. Apparently, the change in my workouts confused my body and it has responded with weight loss.

Enjoy the picture!

What is your favorite part of your body?

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