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10k Run. Wellness Wednesday. Rainy Run.

Today was my Wellness Wednesday run.

Wellness Wednesday is just me running for no specific time or distance. It is running to simply run and enjoy myself.

I ran more than a 10k today! 6.41 miles.

That distance is longer than any other distance that I have ever ran at one time. I’ve included a map of the route and a picture of me after the run.

I felt pretty good for most of the run. There were a couple times where I could feel my stomach tightening up, but other than that – it was good! Oh yeah, I forgot to tape my nipples (you women don’t have to do that b/c of the extra support you wear, but some guys have too), and I paid for it about ¾ of the way through the run. Ouch! Painful. (TMI?)

Despite that annoying pain…

I now know that I can run the entire 10k.

Oh yeah – did I mention that I ran my longest run to date today in the rain?!

It poured, it sprinkled, it spit, and poured a little more – and I smiled. I smiled because never would I have even imagined that I would be running that far at one time and do it willingly in the rain.

I am so happy that I made this change in my life.

It’s changed everything.

I am living now.

How has the decision to become fit & healthy changed your life?