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Final Challenge Weight Picture. 120.9 Miles. I am Busy.

I’ve got a lot to get too today – so I hope that you are ready.

I am busy.

Life has been busy these past couple of weeks. My wife and I are in the middle of a move. I am trying to close down the school year and get my things cleaned out of my class for the next teacher to be able to get in there this summer. I started the summer semester with my Master’s program and then on top of everything else -- I work out. (Working out and running is actually a way that I can get away from all of the work - do you feel the same way?) I get busy, but I think I strive on busyness.

If you have not seen me stop by your blog in a couple days it is not because I don’t want too.

You guys fuel my fitness tank like no one else. Keep it up.

Can losing weight mess up your game?

I think yes it can. I think a mixture between weight loss, strength training, all the running, and lack of playing has messed up my basketball skills. I use to pride myself on being one of the best.

I’ve been humbled.

I can run all day around the guys, but that does nothing for me if I can’t make a basket. I’ve been over-shooting the basketball, under-shooting the basketball, and there was an air-ball or two in there, but let's not talk about those. I’ve got to figure this thing out. I’m hoping that it is just like riding a bike and it comes back to me real quick.

Weight Loss Challenge Final Results

I did not win the weight loss challenge that I hosted. I lost a total of 17 POUNDS in six weeks! I am very proud and happy with that and have worked my tail off to get it. I have accomplished a lot in the last six weeks.

I have…

…Entered into OnederLand!
Ran and Placed 1st (my division) in my very first 5k race!
…Placed 12th overall in my second ever 5k race!
…lost 17 pounds through a weight Loss challenge I hosted!
…have watched my wife lose 9 lbs in that very same challenge!!!
…have spent many hours running!
run a total of 120.9 miles in six weeks!

I’ve also been changing a little bit of the layout here at Fit With a Purpose and am trying to make it more interactive for you. I hope you approve and enjoy!

I’m going to end with my Final Weigh-In Picture!

I will be hosting another weight loss challenge that will start on this upcoming Monday. Everything takes place on Facebook. It's a pretty neat atmosphere that we have there too. I will post about it again with ways for you to enter. I just thought I’d plant the seed into your brain.

If you could follow one of your dreams and have nothing get in your way.......what would you be doing right now with your life?