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Challenge Information. Half Marathon. Training Questions.

Are you up for a Challenge?

I told you all about the weight loss challenge that I hosted and took part in. I told you that I lost 17 pounds total in 6 weeks!!!

Today, I’m telling you that you have the chance at joining the 2nd weight loss challenge that I am hosting!

It is a solid atmosphere focused at losing weight healthily and for good. Discussions are held, questions are asked and answered (to the best of our ability), and struggles and successes are shared.

The 1st weight loss challenge had a total of 13 participants. Those 13 challengers combined lost a total weight of 133 lbs!!!!!

Can you believe that?!

I love those results.

The entry fee is 10 dollars and the person that loses the most percentage of body weight – wins all of the entry fee money. It’s a pretty solid winning! I will be capping the challengers off at 20 participants this time around.

Do you want to take part in this challenge?! You need to go HERE to the Facebook group and become a member. Roam around and see past challenger’s successes and struggles and see if it’s something you want to be a part of. Remember, only 20 people are going to be entered into the 2nd challenge! Don’t delay for too long.

The challenge starts on this upcoming Monday. There are specific rules and weigh-in procedures to be followed each week. It is six weeks long and can be the jump-start that your weight loss needs!

I will not be participating in this challenge, nor will the last challenge’s winner. We would like to help out with encouragement and any insight we may have for the challengers. The group will be turned private at the start of the challenge – so no one will see your weigh-in pictures unless they are a member of the group.

Are you up for it?! Go check it out here!

Half Marathon - here I come.

In other news, I’m going to start training for a Half-Marathon! I’m pretty excited about it. A few questions for you to answer for me.

1. Should I continue with the p90x while training for the Half?

2. Do you have a meal plan I should follow?

3. Any tips or suggestions from you all that have ran a half marathon or marathon?

Let me know what you all have in mind. I need all the help I can get too!

What is the greatest Work Out/Fitness thing you have accomplished?!