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A Running Guide for the Overweight Runner

There is a man that runs around my town all of the time carrying himself with no evidence of being tired. You may see him out at the park r...


Friday Shout Outs. Half Marathon Training. 5k Race Set-up.

Dial-Up = Tough Time reading Blogs

I have still yet to receive internet at the church. I do have it in the form of tethering from my Blackberry, but it is slow like dial up. I do have internet at home, but by the time I get home - it seems like my *to do list grew each block I traveled. Whether it is mowing (which has been a lot lately - I mow about 5-6 acres each week) or something simple as spending time with my wife, I have become very busy. It will calm down though after next week. This upcoming week I will be M.I.A. again. I do have a guest post set to post, but would love to have some more!

Any takers?!

Today, I wanted to do a few shout-outs. There have been so many people come and go already this year on the weight loss/fitness blogosphere that I wanted to give a few kudos' to some of those that have stayed and worked through the struggles and successes. I might also tell some of what they have accomplished. If you already follow or know of these people - go tell them that you appreciate and support them. If you don't follow or know them - go introduce yourself and give them some encouragement.

Four Solid Bloggers.

Half of Jess - This girl has gone from not being able to run one mile -- to running a Half Marathon is just under 5 months!!! Can you believe that? She's also done that bare foot, almost.

KatDoesDiets - This girl is knows how to get things done! She's taken a different route with her blog right now and would definitely take the love that you have to give.

Tara @ 263 and counting- She's recently been wearing her sock monkey gingerbread house pajamas all over the place. Why you may ask? Because she can! She couldn't even button the shirt earlier this year...go check and support her!

Kyle @ Getting Better and Better – So, Kyle took a vacation to go home to see family. His vacation consisted of TWO races! This guy is determined and his blog is always fun to read! Look forward to a guest post by him midway through next week on Fit With a Purpose!!!

Obviously, these are not all of the people that have stuck around or have played an important part in my success, but if I put everyone up in one post – I wouldn’t have a post for the next shout out post

Half Marathon.

It is official. I have started training for a Half-Marathon! I can’t seem to find one near me that is roughly 12-13 weeks away though. There is one in Columbia, MO, but it is not until the 2nd of October – that is the one I am shooting for. I hope that I find one sooner than that though. That is several weeks after the 12 week program is over. I am serious about this too – so serious that I have in fact, created a Facebook group called, “Half Marathon Training”. You are welcome to join it and track your own running, create a running team to track each others, and/or just interact with other runners. Click here for the page to join!

I am currently on day 5 of Hal Higdon’s 12 week plan. So far, it’s been pretty easy. I am doing the intermediate level and the longest run for week 1 is only 5 miles. I’m getting pretty excited about this program in that I’ve seen other people do it and work for them.

Currently, I do believe that MizFit is following the program too. Any other people doing this and how is it working for you?!

Side note:
Have you checked my miles tracker lately? I’ve traveled over 400+ miles so far this year! I am very proud of that. I am behind my goal pace by like 40 miles (darn you broken ankle), but I am very happy that I have less than 600 miles to go to meet that 1010 in 2010 goal I had originally set.

5k Hosting Information?

This may not relate to you or maybe it does, I don’t know. I am thinking of hosting a 5k sometime, but need LOTS of information on how to go about it. I would love to have any help on it that you could give – opinions, suggestions, wants, needs, things you would like if you were running, things you dislike at other 5k events, statements, and/or whatever you have to give would be awesome!

Why have you or why haven’t you chosen to follow your dreams?!