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A Running Guide for the Overweight Runner

There is a man that runs around my town all of the time carrying himself with no evidence of being tired. You may see him out at the park r...


Flirting with the 180's. Half Update. Recent Pictures.

Half Training.

I will give you continuous update as to how the training is going since that is the focus that I have right now for my running. The runs, that sounds running has been going pretty smooth this week and have been pretty enjoyable. I try so hard to be friendly to everyone that I see or come across and about half of the time I get some type of response. I wave at everyone and about half of the time get the wave or nod back. I encourage others that I see running/walking to 'keep it up' or 'looking good' and that has gotten positive response. I don't think they are quite use to that. I asked one guy if he wanted to run with me. He denied, but said that he had already done several trips around the lake already.

I will be running here after a little while, but first comes some basketball at the park. I will be going there alone in hopes to find some people playing. We'll see how that turns out!

Flirting with the 180's.

I have been flirting here for a little while with the 180's, but have yet to see it show up on the scale. It'll happen soon - I feel it. I'm ready for it too. The 190's have been good to me, but the 180's are shaping up to be pretty solid. I'm excited for them.

It has been a while since I have uploaded a recent picture of me - so here you go. I took the before picture with my friend Clarence at a college graduation. It was taken last year.

The Now picture was taken today. I finally broke down and got a couple new shirts and a pair of shorts that actually fit. (These are not them, but I wasn't sure what size I would need for shorts - 34's fit pretty comfortable -- WOW!) I will try to get another post up what I look like in my older, larger clothes.

Enjoy the pictures and I hope you have an awesome rest of the day!



What is one fitness/weight loss goal that you would like to meet or hit in the near future?