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A Running Guide for the Overweight Runner

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The Plan. Pushing Limits. 5k race. Pictures!

I've been away the last week, actually two out of the last three I've been away from home working at a camp. It's been a lot of fun, but I'm glad to be at home. It's been fun to hang with my wife and get some much needed sleep (I slept until 11am today). I have included a before picture that I took some time late last year and also a picture that I took this past week at camp. I enjoy seeing the differences.


I was hoping to come home and find that I had reached the 180s, but it has yet to happen. I knew a time would come that this would happen - that I'd reach a point where I'd need to change my routine in order continue with a healthy weight loss.

I've hit that point.

I have a really normal routine that works well. I eat at the same time each day (usually) and run about the same time as well. I'm going to change a few things up though. This is my plan to approach the dreaded plateau.

I don't believe in plateaus - only action.

I have used the mindset and lifestyle of moderation the entire time and have lost a total of 65 lbs. This seems to be the amount that I have held too. I remember in high school weighing 190 lbs and thinking that it was a healthy weight for me to be at. At the time - maybe that was right, but now that I am older and don't lift weights like I did then -- 190 is not ideal for me. Don't get me wrong, I am grateful that I've been able to hit this weight, but it's not my stopping point. My plan is to reach 170 lbs for me to be a lean, comfortable, solid machine.

As I said, I use moderation to be successful and I will not stop using that, but I will use a narrower gate on what is eaten and more moderation on what may be preventing the last 20 from falling. I won't lie, I allow sugar into my diet (and by 'diet' I mean my daily intake) in a few different forms. I put agave nectar in my coffee, I drink one 12 oz Sprite a day, and usually one other form throughout the day. It's worked and I don't feel deprived. I want to find that balance with smaller portions of the sugar - and so I will.


Since our recent move, I've had a hard time with the running. I continue to run and enjoy the running, but find that since going full time at the church - I have had less time to run and more work. Go figure that I'd stop working two jobs and work only one that I'd have more work.

I am using the Hal Higdon's Half Marathon Training for Intermediate level. Why I chose the Intermediate level is because of all the running that I've done this year. It's average run is 3 miles and that's what I do for my easy that's why I chose that level. Tomorrow is suppose to be a 6 mile run, but I have a 5k to run so the 6m will not get done. I will attempt to work that in somehow throughout the next week.

Hal's program calls for strength training days - I plan to use the p90x during those days. To be honest, I miss doing the p90x on a daily basis so much that I just might modify Hal's program to fit more of that in it. I feel that when I was doing both the running, and the p90x regularly - I felt and did my best.

I have said all of that just to lay out a plan before you to keep me accountable. That's what this site is for right - to encourage and keep accountable.

My Plan for the Last Twenty.

- Cut out the 12 oz Sprite per day. (40 grams of sugar)
- Increase raw green veggies
- Modify Hal's running schedule to include more Strength Training
- Cut cheese (<--Ha. funny huh? - but really, I need to lower the amount of cheese I eat.) These are simple, doable, attainable goals that I will utilize in order to get rid of the last twenty. My mind is set. This is where positive reinforcement takes place. In our old house, I posted notes to myself in front of our treadmill (before outdoor running became my love) that said this.

"Discipline Pushes Limits" "I am the Machine"
"Set Your Mind"

This is where I am.

What is your motto? What do you tell yourself to keep yourself going?