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Mo to Co 5k Results. Competitive Nature. Olde Glory Days 5k Sat.

MO 2 CO 5k.

I ran in my third official 5k on Sunday. It was the Mo 2 Co 5k, which was supporting a local youth group to travel from Missouri to Colorado to go to NYR (Nationwide Youth Round-up) later this month. A good friend of mine set the 5k up and was running (organizing) and decided to run it the last minute. It was his first 5k to run. He’s decided to train for the Half with me too now.

(If you want to train and interact with other Half trainers – go here to join my Half Marathon Training facebook group.)

Back to the race.

I finished in 31 minutes.

That is my slowest time yet.

I won’t lie – that was really frustrating and upsetting when I finished with that time.

Competitive Nature

That's why it was so hard to take in the results.

I am very competitive when it comes to anything. It’s hard not to be and it’s something that I have to watch and look out for. I’ve always striven to be the best and I think it’s just a factor of my work ethic.

I simply want to be the best at everything.

Let me tell you a little bit more about the race which might give reason why to me getting my slowest time.

Before I tell about it – I want you to know that I accept this time and don’t think that I could have done better at my fitness level right now – so these are not excuses. I just want to tell you about the race.

(Matt, if you are reading – I’m grateful for the 5k and how it has helped me reach my goal of three 5k’s this year…it was a fun time! It was great to see you as well.)

The Obstacle and my Plan to overcome.

The Hills: This race had hills that were crazy long and large. As soon as you completed one hill – there was another one waiting. I have not trained on hills yet and it was quite the eye-opening experience for me. My plan to overcome these obstacles is to train on larger and longer hills. A member at our church lives in a country setting subdivision type of place (?) and is a two mile loop around a lake. It has huge hills. That is my plan.

The Mud and Gravel: After about 200 yards into the race, it turned into a muddy gravel run. I run on paved roads typically and don’t get the opportunity to run on the gravel. The only reason it was muddy was because it poured right before the race. My plan to overcome the mud and gravel is to use my cross trainers and run on a gravel road every so often. We have plenty of them around.

The Silence: As I said, it poured before the race and I was unsure if it was going to rain agtain during the race – so I left the iPod with my wife. Silence. Only the voices in my head were able to keep me going. I have no idea how many times I said “Discipline Pushes Limits”. I overcame the silence during the race by encouraging those that I either passed or ran next too. My plan to overcome this is to make sure I bring the crappy mp3 player along with the iPod.

All in all – I do feel that I did well even with the unfamiliar obstacles. It was a smaller 5k with only about 35 people running/walking. I finished 6th among all people with the time of 31’24”. I think that, by its self, tells about how difficult the race was. I forgot to take the picture with the purple race shirt that I received. That does complete my goal of three 5k’s and go here to see my results for each race that I ran.

On Saturday, July 3rd, I have another 5k. I am hoping to fair better at this race. I’ve ran a similar course to this upcoming one and would like to be sub 30 again. I don’t really have a time goal except for sub 30. I think that if I am running under a 10’ pace…I’m doing okay for myself. Of course, I want to be doing better than that, but I also know how busy and lax I have been with my running b/c of that busyness.

I would love to place in my age bracket again.

Yeah - I’ll go for it.

What are you striving for right now? Be specific - what is your next goal?