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The Great Debate. Challenge #3 is open!

The Great Debate.

This week I have attempted at doing morning workouts instead of sleeping in and waiting to do my workout in the evening. I have made a list of pros and cons for both sides. If you want to enter the debate for Team Morning or Team Evening - please chip in.
Team Morn

  • cool weather
  • workout is already done for the day
  • metabolism is in full gear
  • only one shower is needed for the day
  • feel accomplished already


  • you have to wake up early to do it
  • I feel that I can't eat enough throughout the day
  • feel as if I still need to work out after a day of eating
  • not as many people to wave too

Team Eve


  • Feel as if you dominated the calories taken in
  • more people to wave too as they drive by while running
  • more sweat due to heat
  • you can relax for the rest of the day after workout is complete
  • more time for a longer workout
  • you don't have to wake up early for it


  • you justify a cookie b/c you still have to workout
  • not as much time with the family
  • you're tired from the day already
  • you feel plump b/c you've eaten a day's worth already
  • hotter weather

So there you have it. My internal debate between morning and evening workouts. I can't figure it out. I will continue to do morning workouts for now - only because I like the feeling of having already accomplished something by 10:00am.

Challenge # 3 is open for contestants.

While we are on the subject of accomplishing things - I want to let you know the weight loss challenge (Seth Tyler's Weight Loss Challenge) is now open for new participants! This will be the 3rd challenge already! I can not believe at how fast it really goes.

I'm not bragging or anything, but the challenge produces results!

During the first two challenges (challenge #2 will end on Monday) - the two groups have lost a combined total of 203.0 lbs!!

That is 203 lbs in only 11 weeks. That is crazy awesome to me! There have been a total of 23 challengers -- that's roughly 7.8 lbs loss per challenger!

I have opened up the group page for newcomers! If you want to be a part of an environment that promotes healthy weight loss, interacts with struggles and successes, and is all around encouraging -- join the group and sign up for the next six week challenge! We have one participant that has lost 24 pounds in 11 weeks (go check out her progression of pics on the site) and another that has lost over 25 pounds (go check him out too) over the first two challenges!

I am very happy that I could be a part of their life changing decisions. I really don't want to come across like I am boasting b/c that is far away from the truth.

Simply put, I just really like to help people with this fat epidemic. Go here to join the group and take part in the third installment of Seth Tyler's Weight Loss Challenge!

What is one thing that you are struggling with right now?