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Challenge #2 Winner Before & After Pics. Comment Love.

We all are still fighting the heat and humidity and think that we will be for a while still. I got some great suggestions through comments on the last post. I do have to say - that I just don't like getting on the treadmill at all. I meant too yesterday and failed to do so. I found it easier to play the Wii than get on the treadmill. None-the-less, I've got to do what I need to do. I still might go run the hills that's in the training plan or just might hop on the treadmill today.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

I wanted to show you some of what goes on in my life through this post. I've told you that I am a busy man and one of the things that I do is host Seth Tyler's Weight Loss Challenge (new challenge starts on Monday, be sure to go sign up - I think you'll want to by the end of this post). You wouldn't think that it takes much time, but in reality it does take some time. If you read my blog regularly - you know that I host a challenge and that challenge #2 ended this past Monday. The way that I wanted to show you a part of my life is by the results of what I spend my time on. I mentioned that I would show you the winner's results and before and after pictures of challenge #2 if she would allow it.

She said yes!

Melissa is the second challenge's winner and has taken part in both challenges to date. She has lost a total of 25.2 lbs in 12 weeks through hard work, sweat, and the daily struggles that come with weight loss.

Here goes...

I do not think that Melissa has a blog site yet, but I do know that she reads this blog regularly.

Be sure to comment and show her some love! We are all in this together!