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Challenge #3 Pic. Genious Creativity. Stoked.

Seth Tyler's Weight Loss Challenge # 3 starts today and I am taking part in it. What does this mean for you that read my blog? That means that you will again be seeing my day to day struggles and successes as they come for the next six weeks at a closer viewpoint. When I take part in this challenge, I focus hard. I love the fitness and weight loss blogosphere and this is where I come to get stronger mentally - so I need you especially the next six weeks.

The first challenge I took part in, I lost 17 lbs. Here I am a month and a half later having maintained that weight. I did dip just under the 190 lbs mark, but it is a day to day battle on whether the 180s shows its face. Throughout the next six weeks - I plan on ditching the 190s completely and be close to getting rid of 180s. I'm ready for this challenge.

My starting weight Picture

In a month I will be officiating my sister's wedding. That will be four weeks into the challenge and I'm thinking that the lower 180s will be in store for that day.

There is still room for a couple more participants as of Monday, July 19th, to join in on the challenge. You would need to let me know by 10:00pm Central Time tonight.

Running this morning was killer again. The heat and humidity will not let up. I ran mid-morning and have come to the realization that in this weather - walking breaks are smart. I did take some pretty cool measures to beat the heat.

I made a visor. I like to wear hats when I am running, but in this heat - I can't do it because I am then only retaining that heat - which would lead to an overheating and exhaustion. I took an old Kansas City Royals hat of mine and cut the top of it off. It worked great. It was still so hot today that my visor was dripping with sweat though.

At least that part is over with today (I love running, but hate heat index of 110 or whatever it was). I do still have a workout to do today - some P90X! I'm looking forward to the challenge and am determined to rock it!

Discipline pushes limits.

and that is the truth.

What thing are you stoked about that has you pushing yourself harder?!