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Health insurance. Health Scores. Weigh-In Picture.

health insurance.
My wife and I had been without health insurance for a while and we finally found something that was affordable and decent. It might not be the greatest health insurance, but it works for now. I was a little nervous as I signed up for the insurance because of my experience before. It's no secret that we work on a limited budget and we try to make the most out of our money. My experience before with signing up for health insurance is that after I was quoted an amount - and sent in the application - we received back that the risk assessment came back higher and our payment would be 100+ dollars more per month than what was quoted. I asked them why --- it was because of my weight. I've lost some weight if you have not been able to see from my pictures and I am able to say that it did not affect the risk assessment. We were approved. I like the way that sounds.

health scores.

It kind of makes me think about credit scores and such. Well, there is a health score and so many people do not care about their health score until they have a health scare. It's actually quite a bit alike (credit score & health score). Think about it.

-You are free to do more without limitations.
-People are more willing to trust you b/c of the care you put into yourself.
-Through the many studies, it's almost safe to say that better treatment comes with a better score.

I don't think it's much of a stretch to see that better health scores allow more freedom to get what you want rather than settling for less. Just an idea.

weigh-in pic.

Week 1 on the challenge I am hosting is over and it is off to a great start for many people! I am including in this challenge and am off to an okay start. I knew that week 1 wouldn't be as stellar as others because of my recent birthday. I knew that I was going to indulge in some things that I wouldn't typically - I didn't go overboard though. Here is my weigh-in picture from yesterday.

Week 1 Weigh-IN

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