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Halfway Giveaway. Running the Eight Ball. pocket belt.

I wanted to go ahead and do this post now because my me and Carol are going to go out tonight and wouldn't have time later to do it. Well, I would have time, but don't want to spend my Friday night writing a post. I will though, however, be doing a 1.4 mile run tonight when we get home. Why would I do that you ask -- because I'll have reached 505 miles for the year. That means that I am at the halfway mark to my goal of 1010 miles travelled (by walking, jogging, running)!

I think that calls for a giveaway. You may remember the last giveaway I had (I like to think it was a pretty awesome giveaway if I may add - ask Katie J!). This giveaway is going to be equally awesome! The giveaway entries will begin tomorrow and their will be a post devoted to only it. You'll want to make sure you check it out because it will be pretty solid! That will be tomorrow!

Today, I asked on facebook how many miles I should run for my run today and I had only one answer - 5.2 miles by Steve @ 265andfalling. Thanks Steve! I ignored his suggestion though and only ran 4.02 miles. :)

I decided to run to a local landmark and then I would make a loop having that as my far out destination - that landmark was the Eight Ball water tower. Yes, my town has a water tower that is painted like an Eight know, like in billiards. Just another normal thing around this town.

And here is your proof.

Prior to my run today, I really needed something to hold my phone. I like having my having my phone while running because I get to take the awesome pictures throughout the run. Another positive is that my iPod's battery was low, the mp3 player needed a new battery, and my phone just happens to be able to be used as a mp3 player. It all worked out except that my shorts don't have pockets. That's not a problem - go to the wife and ask her to make you a belt that has a pocket on it so that it can hold it for you while running handsfree! Perfect idea.

She was actually busy doing something, but I went to her craft room and placed her sewing machine in front of her and said, "sew!". Okay, not quite like that, but I found an old shirt of mine and with some of her materials - we made a homemade version of a runner's carry belt. Here's the steps that we took.

1. Cut an old black t-shirt sleeve off.
2. Cut sleeve in half and folded over to make a pocket using hem (terminology is not correct I'm sure) as top of pocket w/hole.
3. Sewed (of course with pink yarn b/c that's what was already threaded on the machine) on the inside of pocket the bottom seam and side seam which left top hole open.
4. Took gray t-shirt yarn (my wife makes yarn using old t-shirts, cool huh?) to use as drawstring of top pocket opening.
5. Took bottom hem of a green t-shirt and made that the actual tie-on belt and sewed pocket to belt.
6. Cut a hole in the phone pocket for headphones to come out of.
7. Tied the belt in a double knot and took off. Didn't feel it the entire run. Was pretty awesome and enjoyed the creative nature of it. And we made it using all recycled material. Neat huh?

Back to the running of the Eight Ball Tower. It made me think about a tip that you could use for running and to gain speed.

Use a landmark and take a timed easy run to it. The next time you run to this landmark, try to beat your previous time there. Continue with trying to get that best time to that specific landmark. If you are worn out by the time you get there - walk home. No big deal to walk. This is just an idea for you to try. If it doesn't help - don't do it - no harm done.

Until tomorrow - and the awesome HALFWAY GIVEAWAY post - be blessed.