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I'm going to start out with the Awesomeness; well, what I feel as awesomeness. I have been rocking my food intake that past few days. My wife and I's anniversary was this past week and we took a small getaway - and while I took part in a few calories that I wouldn't typically in a normal week...I was still able to produce a very, very small loss. It was only a .2, but even if it were a gain I'd be okay with how this week went. I have been shooting for around 1800 calories a day and have been hitting them outside of those 2 1/2 days we were away. I think that is pretty awesome. My body just naturally feels that its back on schedule. That's awesomeness to me.

Home-Food Database.

When we got back home, I made a calorie & sugar food database on a spreadsheet of the foods that we have at home and what I typically eat. I have been able to simply use a formula to record all of my daily calories by simply clicking on a few boxes -- and i don't have to go online to do it. I've even included quick finds on the spreadsheet so that I don't have to go to each ingredient, but that all of the ingredients have already been calculated together to make my find and recording simple. I'm pretty proud of it and it helps for me to keep track -- and I don't have another login to remember :)

Halfway Giveaway Winer.

The giveaway that I was hosting - F.W.A.P. HALFWAY GIVEAWAY - celebrating my halfway mark to my 1010 miles in 2010 goal ended on Friday night. There were 50 entries into the giveaway and using a random generator, the number chosen was.....42.

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Cassie said...
And as far as a simple exercise, I'm not sure what it's called, but like triceps extension (I think) where you have a hand weight over your head and drop it down and raise up over your head. Very simple for me to do while I am at work...

Congratulations Cassie! I will need your information in order to send you your AWESOME gifts! Thanks for participating. email [styler (at) cccb (dot) edu].

What is something that you have been AWESOME at!!!