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Decide. Discern. Deliver. 3 steps to success.

It's no secret that most runners think a lot. When you are running 20+ miles a week - you have a lot of time to think. It isn't always about one thing, but when I am running I think of big dreams, big goals, and big successes. I am a visionary thinker and while that may have its own problems sometimes - it creates movements. I have a lot of big ideas that I'd like to see come into their own in time, but I do understand that many of them will not. Those ideas that will come to fruition though - will come by me following three different rules. These three things will require motivation, desire, optimism, and self-discipline.

The only reason I bring these things up is because if you followed these rules while getting healthy - you will see success. They are simple. They are accurate.

The first step is to Decide. You have to decide to make the change or not. You don't even have to know how to make that change yet, you just have to make the decision to go about changing. Prior to me making my decision to do this - I was unhappy, unmotivated, and held no self-control when it came to health. I did make that decision though and have made it this far. It takes one simple action to say - "I'm tired of living this way - I want change". It's hard to make change happen, but it can happen. It all starts with a decision. This decision is not the only thing though that you need to do for change to happen. I know there were many times when I was sitting and watching The Biggest Loser and said, "I want that to happen to me", while I continued to eat my Stuffed Crust BBQ & Extra Cheese pizza. I made the decision to change, but I did nothing else. I think many of you have found yourself with that same memory. Making the decision is the first step - but it is not the only step.

The second of my steps is to Discern. You have to be able to tell the right way from the wrong way. You have to discern what is the best route for you to take in order to make that change happen. As I made my decision to change while in front of the TV and eating pizza on the couch - I didn't choose the right direction. This is the step in which you do the homework to your change. Losing weight typically doesn't happen without you taking the initiative. That would be nice though for you to make the mental decision to get healthy and then your body agrees and loses without any change of habit. That'd be great! That's not how it works though. You need to have a plan of attack in order to get your health back. Is your method going to be through running, biking, lifting, swimming, and/or another program (this is all mixed in with the healthy eating of course -- what is it, 85-90% of weight loss is due to proper nutrition?). Making the decision was only a 1/3 of how it happens, making a plan to follow is another 1/3, and that brings us to the actual follow-through.

The third step is Deliver. In basketball, when you are shooting the basketball - if you fail to follow through than your shot is going to be off the rim. In Baseball, if you fail to follow through with your swing, you will miss the ball or have a little blooper. In Golf, if you fail to follow through with your swing, you dig at the grass, slice, and miss the mark. It's the same with fitness, if you fail to follow through - you will not succeed. There are many bloggers out there that claim to be on the weight loss front, but are failing to step up to the plate because they don't follow through. Weight loss can be very difficult. Getting healthy can be very challenging. All you need though is to execute follow through and you've done your part. So, you've planned to run a mile today? Run a mile and count that as a success. Did you say you would only eat 1800 calories today? Eat 1800 calories today and enjoy your self-control!

Think of how much you are gaining while you are losing!

Decide to make a change, Discern the best route in going about that change, and Deliver on that decision.

This is for you to do. You can make change happen. You can succeed. You will succeed.