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The Question: Do you think I can be a runner?

the question.

My wife asked me today a question right out of the blue, "do you think I can be a runner".
my answer.

I wasn't expecting it and I was like, "Yeah!"

I wanted to ask her a lot of questions, but she cut me off and said that we'd talk about it over dinner.
the results.

Dinner came and I couldn't wait to talk about it so I asked her if she wanted to start running. (You have to understand me here - I love running and she has never shown any interest really in this is exciting to me). I told her why I thought she could be a runner and then I said that I'd run with her tonight. We let our food settle for a while and then got into some running clothes and we stretched. One of the ways that she tried to convince me to run with her was that running with her would be a good warmup for my run. She was right - it was. But before I get too far - we ran a mile tonight. We both know that running can be pretty difficult in the beginning, but with discipline - it will get easier. We stopped a few times, but that's okay because we were out there MOVING! I'm super proud of her. I'd say she ran about .6 of a mile. We finished that mile up in 13'17". She did great. So, Carol, can you be a runner? Yes. you. can.

and more.

After Carol and I finished our run I went for a run of my own. I got a PR today. I chose to run a 2 mile course and wanted to kill it - and I did. I ran 2 miles in 17'12". That is a 8'35" pace. This is by far the fastest 2 mile run I have done and it felt great! I think that warmup did help me out. If I was in a 5k race tonight and only had 1 mile left and only 17'12" had gone by --- I'd be booking it to finish big!

What is ONE thing that you just want to ROCK like nothing else?!!